Most modern browsers support scripts, blocking various pop-UPS created by the technology of pop-up and technology pop-under. To block unwanted pop-UPS in your browser, open a window "Tools", then open the settings menu and install block unwanted Windows. Every modern browser has such a function. With the help of this technology it is easy to block the Windows pop-up, but with Windows and banners pop-under not so easy to handle.
To block this banner to find out which site is the owner. Open the settings menu of the browser and find the tab with mixed content. Add a website maintained by the banner, the black list – blocking, by default you will block banner pop-under. Also for your IP address will be blocked all advertising for the owner of the website.
For blocking of advertising banners you can also use the famous plugin AdBlock Plus. Install this plugin in your browser, and then, seeing unwanted banner, click right mouse button and select in the context menu AdBlock. The banner will be added to the list of blocked ads.
In addition, most of the banners plug-in filters independently in accordance with the filter. At any time you can add new filters and lists in the plugin settings. This plugin works in Mozilla Firefox, and apart from him for that browser there's also the NoScript extension that blocks scripts and flash-elements on all web pages.