If you use Opera, you can choose one of the four provided in the browser modes control pop-UPS: block all, block unsolicited, open all in the background, access all. This list is placed in the section "Quick settings" section of "Settings" main menu of the browser. Journey through the menu can be replaced by pressing a single hot key F12.One of these four modes of control can be set to any site here, if you click on his page, right-click and select in menu line "Settings for the site". The list of modes of control pop-up Windows look on the "General" tab. And on the tab "Scripts" is placed on more detailed settings control the HTML and JavaScript codes of the pages, the adjustment of which requires an understanding of the mechanisms of these languages.
When using Mozilla FireFox, please open the section "Tools" in the browser menu and select "Settings". In the settings window go to the tab "Content" and set the tag labelled "Block pop-up Windows". Individual sites can be excluded from this rule by modifying the list opened by pressing the button "Exceptions".
In Internet Explorer you will need to open the menu section "tools" and then submenu "Block pop-up Windows". It is placed two points, the upper of which includes the pop-up blocker. Bottom paragraph ("Settings pop-up blocker") opens access to editing the site list exceptions and customize levels of filtering (there are three). Then you can enable audio and / or text alert the event of the blocking of another window.Another method of lock - in the same section "tools" click "Internet options" and go to the "Privacy" tab. There is need to put a label for item "Turn on pop-up blocker".
If your browser is Google Chrome, then opened menu click the icon with the wrench, click "Settings". Then in the left margin of the page is "Settings" click on "Advanced" and in the section "Privacy" click "content Settings". Here in the section "Popup window" you need to put a label at the point of prohibition pop-UPS. Exceptions for individual web resources can be recorded in the list that opens click "Manage exceptions".
And Apple Safari all you need to do to enable pop-up blocking - press the CTRL + SHIFT + K. There are more long options for example, you can open the menu section to edit, click the line "Block pop-up Windows". Or in the same section of the "edit" select "settings", then go to the Security tab and put the box next to "Block popup Windows" under "Web content".