You will need
  • - Dr.Web CureIt.
There are several methods of combating viral pop-up Windows. To start use Dr. Web Curelt. Download it from the official manufacturers website of anti-virus.Web.
Install this application and run it. Scanning the operating system will start automatically. This is intentional, because usually viral banners prevent the launch of similar apps. Pay attention to the fact that to run this utility you need in a normal Windows, not safe.
If the scan of this program has not yielded any results, try to choose code disable pop-UPS. Use your mobile phone with access to the Internet or another computer. Click on the link or
Enter the account number or telephone contained within the banner text and click the "Get code". The substitute offered by system passwords in the field of the banner. If none of the codes issued did not fit, try to find the code for the following resources: and
If not both of the above method, then try to find the virus files. Start the system in safe mode so the virus window does not interfere with the search. To do this, press F8 during computer startup. Open the system32 folder. It is located in the Windows directory of the system partition of hard drive.
Find and delete all files with a dll extension whose name ends with the letters lib, for example: hostlib.dll, partlib.dll and so on. After you delete data files, start the operating system in normal mode. Scan it by antivirus program.