If you want once and for all put an end to annoying advertising network, on that computer, install the Google Chrome browser, which has the ability to install extensions. One such extension called AdBlock is a powerful tool to block advertisements on the Internet of any kind - from simple banners and links to complex pop-UPS. Find AdBlock in the Chrome web store, go to section which you can by clicking on the corresponding link to open a blank tab in the browser, or going into settings and clicking "Extensions" in the submenu "Tools".
In the Chrome web store, find the extension's page AdBlock. Link to this extension, usually located under "Popular" as the number of users is well over 2 million. To download and install this extension, simply click the "add to Chrome". Wait for the file to load. After that, the settings button of the extension will appear in the upper right corner of the browser. In addition, the AdBlock settings will open in the browser window in separate tabs.
In the settings extensions install AdBlock off the ads. If you want a specific site pop-up Windows are not blocked, add this address to the exceptions list. Also, to manage this extension directly from the toolbar by clicking with the left mouse button on its icon. With AdBlock you can block ads by URL, and to inform users and developers about the inability to block ads on specific pages.