You will need
  • - Web camera;
  • computer;
  • - MSN Messenger.
Start MSN Messenger by double-clicking on the shortcut on the desktop or select it from the Windows programs list in the start menu". Enter the user name and password to log in. Wait until the program will load your profile.
Select the menu item "Tools", then "setup Wizard audio/video". To run it, the dialog box that appears, click "Next".
Select your camera model from the drop-down list and press "Next". Adjust the camera until you see it yourself. Click "Next".
Adjust the sound quality of the microphone. To do this, move the microphone 3-5 cm from you and adjust the display settings on until his level of sensitivity will not reach the average mark. Speak into the microphone when prompted, continuing to move the microphone until the desired results. When finished, click "Next" then "Finish". If the microphone is too close to your face, your voice will sound too sharp for him, and if too far, then it is likely that you just will not hear. When the settings are complete click Next.
Select the audio system in the list and again click "Next". Go to "Test speakers" and move the sound slider up or down to set the sound quality of the speaker. To finish testing, click "Stop". Now your microphone is configured and is ready to work.