In order to make a bootable flash drive, you must migrate the operating system distribution on a normal flash drive (in other words, to make the stick of the appropriate volume boot). You can use the user-friendly software — and then the process of creating a bootable USB drive will be much easier and faster. Often used program USB_MultiBoot_10 – you can find and download on the Internet.

This program does not require installation, simply run the executable file USB_MultiBoot_10.cmd. For starters, the program will offer to format the flash drive, after formatting it will be necessary to define the parameters of the generated disk. Using arithmetic the commands defined by the USB flash drive as a hard drive, then set the program path to the OS distribution and the path to the flash drive, open the window to define the properties of the operating system installation.

Creating a boot disk will start immediately after you confirm your choice. The process of creating a bootable USB drive can take quite some time depending on how high are the specifications of your computer. Once the bootable flash drive is ready, restart your computer to complete the validation of all completed during the creation of the stick action. To install operating system from USB drive to computer or laptop will not be permitted into the BIOS setting "boot from flash drive".