Advice 1: How to make a bootable USB flash drive

Bootable flash drive is a standard flash drive on which the recorded information necessary to install software (most often it is operating system, like Windows or Linux). There is a need in the bootable flash drive is most often the case when to use a bootable CD-ROM not possible. For example, you need to install an operating system on a laptop, which simply does not have the drive to read CDs.
How to make a bootable USB flash drive

In order to make a bootable flash drive, you must migrate the operating system distribution on a normal flash drive (in other words, to make the stick of the appropriate volume boot). You can use the user-friendly software — and then the process of creating a bootable USB drive will be much easier and faster. Often used program USB_MultiBoot_10 – you can find and download on the Internet.

This program does not require installation, simply run the executable file USB_MultiBoot_10.cmd. For starters, the program will offer to format the flash drive, after formatting it will be necessary to define the parameters of the generated disk. Using arithmetic the commands defined by the USB flash drive as a hard drive, then set the program path to the OS distribution and the path to the flash drive, open the window to define the properties of the operating system installation.

Creating a boot disk will start immediately after you confirm your choice. The process of creating a bootable USB drive can take quite some time depending on how high are the specifications of your computer. Once the bootable flash drive is ready, restart your computer to complete the validation of all completed during the creation of the stick action. To install operating system from USB drive to computer or laptop will not be permitted into the BIOS setting "boot from flash drive".

Advice 2 : How to download photos from a flash drive

"Flash drives" now called two different design type of devices used for storing and transferring data. Depending on which of them stored your photos, copy them may require different devices to read information connected to the computer. And the procedure of downloading to a hard disk from a connected flash drive is almost the same in both cases.
How to download photos from a flash drive
Plug the thumbdrive in the USB port, if the photos are stored on a USB flash drive. This device in a plastic housing, a length of approximately five centimeters and a thickness of half a centimeter, with a closed cap plug for connection. This is the most common version, but there are many stylized versions, are decorated in a variety of ways. The only common feature - the flash drives have the USB connector.
Once the flash drive is connected to your computer, the operating system will detect new device and will read the directory of the files on the. Depending on the OS installations immediately after that, a window may open file Manager, which would reflect the contents of the flash drive. If this does not happen, start the file Manager of your operating system yourself. In Windows you can double-click on the icon "My computer" on the desktop or use the keyboard shortcut Win + E. In Explorer open the root folder of the connected flash drive, select the photo files you want to copy and press Ctrl + C to put them on the list to the clipboard. Then expand the folder on the hard disk of the computer to which it is necessary to place these files and click Ctrl + V. you Can not use the clipboard, just drag and drop the selected pictures to the desired folder or to the desktop.
If photos are not stored on the USB drive and on a flat flash card to read-need an additional device - the reader. It is seldom installed in the housings of personal computers, basic configuration, and laptops have found a little more often. If your computer has no card reader, you will have to purchase it separately. In this case, the device will have a cable to connect to USB rashema computer. You first need to connect your device, and then insert the flash card. The procedure of copying pictures in this case will not be different from those described in the previous step.
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