You will need
  • - Nero;
  • - ISO File Burning.
First download the boot disc image. It is recommended to use files with the file extension iso or mdf. Remember that creating an image boot disk, it is necessary to consider several parameters. Otherwise, the record of such image will not allow to create a new multi-boot disk.
Now download and install a program called Nero. It is better to use a relatively new version, because old counterparts may not be necessary in this situation functions. Run the file NeroExpress.exe. In the left pane of the resulting menu select DVD-ROM (Boot). Immediately you will see a new menu. Select the tab "Download".
Now click on "image File" and click "Browse". Select the desired ISO disc image. Click "New". Now add to this disc the files you need if necessary. Note that the disk must be finalized, i.e. further recording of data on it will not be possible.
After you create the project, click "Record." Check the box next to "Finalize disc". Now go to the menu "Recording" and select the speed at which will be written to a new disk. Remember that high speed discs may not be readable on relatively older drives. Now open the ISO menu.
In the "File system" select "ISO 9660 + Joliet". Set all the checkbox to the items located in the menu "Light restrictions". Click Burn and wait until you have finished creating your startup disk.
If you want to write the image to disk, run the Iso File Burning. It takes just a few megabytes on the hard disk. Just hit the Browse button, specify the ISO file and click on "Papism ISO. Be sure to check operability of the created disk.