Required to create flash components

  • Will need the original disk image Windows ISO format. Homemade assemblies should not be used.
  • USB flash drive, capacity from 4 to 8 GB. The size depends on the version of Windows installed is newer than the version the more space you will need.
  • The application is able to create a simple flash drive bootable. This can be, for example Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool, Rufus, UltraISO, WinSetupFromUSB, etc.
  • Computer with already installed Windows. It will create the installation flash drive.

Bootable flash drive using “Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool”

Go to “My computer” and locate the icon of the flash drive. Right click on it, open the shortcut menu, and then click “Format”.

Next, you need to find and install Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool. It can find and free download anyone Microsoft. The easiest way to find using any search engine, typing the name into a string.

Running installed program, you will see a small window. Further establishment is divided into 4 stages. First, you should press the “Browse” button and select the image Windows and press “Next”. Then select “USB Device”, choose the path to the newly formatted flash drive and click “Begin copyng”. After that, the program itself will perform the necessary steps and the bootable flash drive is ready!

Bootable flash drive using “Rufus”

The latest version can be found on the official website of the program, and the site is easy to find, typing the program name in the search box. You use this program without installation.

By downloading and running it, find it in the application window, the item “Device” and add the letter of the flash drive. Next, find the “Scheme of section and type of system interface” and select “MBR for BIOS computers or UEFI”, if a PC with a conventional BIOS. Otherwise, choose “GPT for computers with UEFI”. For conventional BIOS (standard situation) file system select NTFS, the cluster size “default”.

Next, select the image you just uploaded, click DVD-ROM. In the opened window specify the path to it and click “Open”. Some time later, bootable flash drive Windows will be ready.