You will need
  • UltraISO.
Consider as an example create an installation (bootable) USB drive with Windows 7 operating system. Ways are many, but we focus only on two. In any of them you will need an image of the installation disk of Win 7.
To begin, consider an example of creating a bootable USB drive using a special utility. Download program UltraISO. It is quite simple to use, yet has the necessary functions.
Format the flash drive before you start working with it. Run the program UltraISO. Open the "File" tab and select "Open". Specify the disk image of Windows 7.
Now go to the tab-loading" and select "Burn image hard disk". In the field of Disk Drive choose your flash drive, select the write method USB-HDD+. Click the "Burn" button. Note that the flash drive will be automatically formatted.
If you have no Internet access or ability to download software, create multiboot USB flash drive independently. Open a command prompt. To do this, press Win (start) and R. Type cmd in the box that appears and press Enter.
The screen displays a menu command line. Format the flash drive and create a boot sector. To do this, type the following command: Select Disk 1 (or 2, if the drive determined by the second disk)
Create partition primary – create the boot partition.
Select partition 1 – select the active partition.
Format FS=NTFS Quick perform a quick format of the drive.
Now you need to copy the boot system files on a flash drive. To do this, in command prompt type E: (E is the drive letter of the DVD drive). Type CD BOOT. To create the bootable file, type the command bootsect.exe/nt60 F: (F is the drive letter of the stick).
Copy all the contents of the installation disc or its image on a flash drive. Then restart the computer.