You will need
  • - USB drive;
  • - WinSetupFromUSB.
There are two basic ways to create a bootable USB drive: self-entering commands through the console and use special tools. If you have the ability to install additional software, try the second method. Download from the website the program WinSetupFromUSB.
Connect your USB drive to the appropriate port of a laptop or desktop computer. Copy all the important information on your hard disk. If you do not work drive a large volume, then create a extended partition. This will allow you to use only part of the space to create the boot sector.
Run the file WinSetupFromUSB.exe in the first field of the window that appears select the desired USB drive or its partition. Click BootIce. After the new window check the correctness of the choice of the flash drive and click Perform Format.
In the new menu select USB-HDD (Single) and click Next Step. Select the file system format, which will format the specified USB drive. Press the Ok button when the warning dialogs.
After the completion of the utility BootIce go back to the program WinSetupFromUSB. Select the type of bootable files. If you want to record on a USB flash drive installation files Windows XP operating system, then select the first item. To create a boot diskand a set of programs specify Other Grub4Dos.
If you chose the second option, then unzip the Grub4Dos folder from the downloaded archive. Specify the path to this folder and press the Go button. If you create a USB flash drive with Windows, then select the directory containing the copy of the installation disk. Wait until the utility window and remove your USB drive.