Most importantly - protect yourself from stress. Take a sedative, like motherwort drops or tablets as well as Valerian root. Restore normal restful sleep at least 7 hours a day. Sometimes the potency is reduced due to strong fatigue, which introduces all the vital processes in sleep mode, as if protecting him from even large loads.
Pay attention to your diet. Even with normal products, you can return masculine force. Eat as often as possible: pumpkin seeds, shrimp, fish, caviar, meat, eggs, pineapples and dairy products. If you eat a few hours before sex, 100 g of boiled shrimp, the potency will increase and you will not need to stimulate additional funds.
Take vitamins with a high content of zinc, it improves not only male strength, but also overall health. Can take any erection drugs, but be careful though they give the desired result, but at the same time bad for the heart. Less harmful are of the tincture of the antlers of red deer, can consume their courses, even if you're not worried - it will prolong the years of sexually active life.
Try to keep a regular sex life. With regular sex, the body produces more male sex hormones which stimulate the erection. Not be amiss and prostate massage, which is carried out through the anus.
If all else fails, contact the hospital. Reduced potency may indicate a hormonal failure. After giving blood for hormones, you will be assigned the appropriate treatment, usually hormonal products containing testosterone. The treatment effective and positive result appears very quickly. Sometimes the decline of male power occurs on the background of prostatitis or adenoma, if you time will take care of your health, your sexual activity will be maintained.