You will need
    • butter
    • sugar
    • bowl
    • mixer
    • rubber spatula
    • wooden spoon
    • fork.
Regardless of how you beat the butter first you need to make it soft, but not warm. Remove the butter from the refrigerator and leave it at room temperature for two to three hours. Touch the oil with a spoon or your finger, if it left a dent, it's ready. Cut the butter into small cubes and place them in a bowl in which you beat.
If you churn butter with a mixer, put it in a bowl with oil and turn on the smallest speed. Do not operate the mixer before you submerge in a bowl, as in this case, the pieces may scatter around the kitchen.
When the pieces of butter could be grouped into a single mass, increase the speed to medium and beat for another two minutes.
Start gradually, smooth stream adding sugar. After you add all the sugar, beat the mixture for another couple minutes, then turn off the mixer and remove it from the bowl. Take a rubber spatula or a wooden spatula, gather the butter mixture off the sides of the bowl and place it in the General mass. Lower the mixer back on, turn on medium speed and beat for another five minutes to seven. By this time, the oil mixture will turn white and it will begin to form high waves. Once you see these changes, can you turn off the mixer – whipped butter.
If you did not have hand mixer, do not worry. Take a wooden spoon and start to knead the soft butter. When you mix the oil in a single mass, set aside the spoon and grab a fork. Start adding the sugar little by little and knead the butter with a fork.
When butter and sugar are mixed into a puree, put the fork and again take the spoon. Start beating the butter with a spoon vigorous circular motion. It will take about fifteen minutes. If you see that the butter started to melt, put the bowl of them in the larger bowl with cold water. Oil mixture is ready when it turns white and increases in volume six to eight times.