For starters you must go to the uTorrent itself to check the blocking of incoming connections. Open the GUI by running through a shortcut on the desktop or the start menu. If uTorrent is already running, then expand the window from the Windows system tray located in the lower right panel, start by double-clicking on the application shortcut.
In the window that appears, note the bottom panel of the program. In the lower right part of the window should display the icon that shows the status of the current connection. If this icon is displayed in the form of a tick, this means that the ports are open and the inability to download a particular file lies not in the connection, and the health of the downloaded files, or problems with the program itself. If the icon is yellow or red, it means the connection is blocked.
Click on the connection icon and click "Test port". If in the window that appears, you will receive a message You will not be able to receive incoming connections, it means the firewall is blocking the desired port.
To fix this, go to "start" - "control Panel" - "System and security" - "Windows Firewall". In the left part of the window, click on the link "Allow a program through firewall".
In the list of applications check all items that include the word uTorrent, it uTorrent TCP-In and UDP uTorrent-In. To apply changes click "OK" and close the "control Panel".
Restart uTorrent, clicking on the menu "File" - "Exit" and confirm the operation. Start the program again and repeat the connectivity test. If the port is opened successful, you will see a confirmation message. If the network connection is functioning correctly, you will see a green icon in the notification area of the program. Open port uTorrent is complete and you can start to download the files you need.