You will need
  • The possibility to log in to Windows with an account "Administrator".
Open the Windows control panel. To do this, click start, select settings, and then in the opened menu, select "control Panel".
How to open port 80
Open the folder "Network connections". Look in control panel "Network connections" and double-click it with the mouse.
How to open port 80
Display the properties dialog of the connection. In the window "Network connections" select the connection shortcut. Click right mouse button. In the context menu select "Properties". The Network connections folder may contain multiple connections. Some of them can be active and some disabled. Order to open port 80, it will be enough to do the following once, selecting one shortcut connection.
How to open port 80
Open dialog of Windows firewall control. In the properties dialog of the connection switch to the "Advanced" tab. Click "Options".
How to open port 80
Open the firewall exceptions list. To do this, switch to the Exceptions tab in the dialog control.
How to open port 80
Open port 80. Click on the "Add port...". It is located under the firewall exceptions list. Display dialog "Add port". In the Name field, enter the name of the exception. In the future it will appear in the firewall exception list. In the field "port Number" enter the number 80. Click "OK" in the dialog "Add port". Click "OK" in the dialog "Windows Firewall".
How to open port 80