Call the main system menu by pressing the "start" button and click "my Network places" to complete the procedure, open the selected port on the computer that is running Windows XP. Open the link "Network tasks" on the left side of the application window and select the command "View network connections".
An alternative way might be to call the context menu for the desktop "My network places" click the right mouse button and selecting the Properties dialog.
Open the context menu of a shortcut connection to the Internet, click the right mouse button and select "Properties". Go to the "Advanced" tab of the resulting window and click "Options". Please note that inactive button means that all ports are opened in automatic mode.
Click Add to open the new port and enter the desired port name in the "Description". Print the value of in the "host Name or IP address of the computer..." and enter the required value in the string "Internal port" and "External port". Please note that in most cases are one and the same value.
Select the desired option under TCP/UDP and confirm your selection by pressing the OK button. Use the above procedure for each port to be opened.
In Windows operating system versions of Vista use the same procedure, differing mainly by the titles of paragraphs and sections of the menu: "start", "control Panel", "Security" tab, "Windows Firewall", "advanced settings", "enable startup programs...", "inbound Rules", "Create rule" and "Add port".