You will need
  • - Internet access
If you are using Internet Explorer 6, the menu "Tools" select "Internet options", click the "General" tab and click "Clear log".
If your browser is Internet Explorer 7, the menu "tools" and then select "Delete browsing history" click "Delete history" and in the window that appears, select "Yes".
In Internet Explorer 8 in the menu "tools" and then select "Delete browsing history" in the window that appears, select "log and the "Data web forms" and then click "Uninstall".
In Firefox 2 and 3 versions in the menu "Tools" select "Delete personal data" where go to "browsing history" and click "clear now."
If you have Firefox 3.6 or higher, then in the menu "Tools" select "clear recent history", in the appeared window Clear, select the time period for which you need to clear the history. Click on the arrow next to "Details" and in the list that appears check the "Log of visits and downloads and form history and search. Then click on the "Clear now".
In Safari 2 and 3 versions to delete search history in History menu, select Clear History.
If your browser is Google Chrome, then to clear the query first, click on the wrench icon in the upper right corner of the screen. In the list that appears, select "Tools" and click "Clear browsing data". In the appeared window check the "Clear history of visited pages". From the top menu select "from the beginning" to erase all history of searches. Click "Delete browsing data".
If you don't want that in the future the browser will remember the history of queries, it can be disabled in its settings. This will avoid periodic removal procedure of the data search.