To clear the log or to completely disable the storage of browsing history by completing a few simple steps. They will depend on what browser you use. If you are running Internet Explorer, open menu "tools". Next, click "Internet options" and the tab "General". To clear the history click on the button with the appropriate name. And to disable the storage function, select the field "days to keep pages" set to "0". Exit the menu by clicking OK.
Users of Mozilla Firefox should open the menu "Tools" and select "Settings". Here you will see a field "Privacy", click on it. In the list that appears click "History" and find the key "Clear". For avoiding the storage of history, set "Keep history for at least" to "0". Don't forget to click on the OK button.
In Safari, use the graph History which is located in the top menu. Tap Clear History.
If you use Google Chrome, click on the "configure" (it is depicted in the form of a wrench). Next, select "History". In this click "Edit items" and you will see a button "Delete browsing data".
It is not necessary to clear history directly through the browser. You can go to "start", select under "control Panel" and click on the folder called "Internet options". In the resulting window, use the "General" tab and in it open the browsing history.
To erase the search history in the browser, click "Remove". By the way, you can clean and also fields such as "cookies", "Temporary Internet files", "Data web forms", "History" and "Passwords". It is worth noting that deletion of information is possible as separately, and once all those folders. To do this, the bottom of the window click "Remove all".