Google Chrome.
First, you must open the settings program, click on the emblem of the key in the upper right corner next to the address bar. Next you need to select "History". In the new page click on the button "Edit items". In the opened window you can delete selected items or completely clear the historyby clicking the appropriate buttons.
Mozilla Firefox.
To begin, open the "Tools", it is in the top menu. Next, select the link "clear recent information." In a new window by clicking on the arrow to the "Details", click on "Clear now".
Internet Explorer.
Open the menu "Security" located in the top toolbar. Then click "Delete browsing history". You will see a window where you choose items for deletion. Noting these references, confirm the deletion by clicking the Delete button.
Click "History" (on side tab). Next, you need to select the desired day of the week and click on the Delete icon. All history will be deleted forever.