How to delete search keywords in Mozilla Firefox

Press the menu button on the right side of the toolbar and click the icon "History". Choose "clear recent history". In the dialog box removal open the drop-down list "Delete" and specify the time interval for which you need to clear your search history. In the list of "Details" check the box "Log visits and downloads" and click "clear now."

You can delete the entire history, and the individual search queries. Click in the address bar and press the down Arrow to scroll through the list of visited sites. Point to the web address that you want to delete and click Delete.

You can just delete your browsing history from any web page. Press the menu button, click the icon "Log" and click "Show all history" at the bottom of the list. In the search bar, type the site name and press Enter. In the preview window will display the list of all visited pages of this website. Click on any address, right-click and choose "Forget about this site" in the context menu.

How to remove search queries in Opera

In the menu "Tools" select "History" or use Ctrl+Shift+H. In the Name list, click the folder that contains the addresses of the visited pages for the desired time interval. Check the web address and click the "Delete" icon to the trash can on the toolbar. If you want to delete the records for the entire period, select the folder and click Delete.

There's another way: go to "Tools" select "Delete private data" dialog, click "Detailed setting". Check the boxes for the items "Clear history of visited pages" and "Clear history of downloaded files, and then click "Uninstall".

To remove the URL of any website from the address bar, click it with the left mouse button and press "down Arrow". Delete address button to Delete.

How to remove search requests from Google Chrome

Click customize and control with the right border of the address bar and select "History". If you want to hide a web address, select it and click "Remove selected items". To clear the entire search history, click "Clear history".

You can choose incognito mode for visiting websites. Surfing will be no different from usual, but in the history the addresses of web pages are not saved and cookies are deleted after closing the window. To select this mode use Ctrl+Shift+N.

How to remove search keywords from IE

Right-click on the icon of Internet Explorer and select "Properties". In the "General" tab under "browsing History" click "Delete". In the delete window, tick the options "History" and "Temporary Internet files". With the Retain data option, clear the checkbox. Press "Remove".

To remove individual URLS from the address bar, click the down arrow at its right edge, move the cursor to the desired address and click on a red cross.