Given the complexity of the development of the territory and climatic conditions to the issue of dense settlement in the Far East for the able-bodied population of Russia was connected to a special state programmes to stimulate the country's population and everyone who has plans to change residence, to move.

Priority zone

In 2012, the President signed the program to settle the so-called priority areas of the country, which is considered as the land of the Far East. In accordance with the government decision, the family decided to leave, it should allocate allowance in the amount of 200 thousand rubles for the head and 120 thousand for each of the family members of immigrants, which traditionally are considered including parents, brothers, sisters and even grandparents.

A special government program for the development of the far Eastern region is valid until 2025. In accordance with this program, all voluntary immigrants get special benefits, which is a special measure of support. For example, income tax for new residents of the Far East is reduced from the usual 30 to 13 percent, and the state duty for registration in the territory is cancelled altogether.

Measures of social support

Travel to a new place of residence, including Luggage, kompensiruet state agencies, regardless of which mode of transport was chosen. It should be noted that the average family of three people for free on a five-ton container of 4 or more - container-dicationic.

Citizens are allocated a certain amount of primary regeneration conditions, the so-called Northern lifting. In case of impossibility to find a decent job the first six months of life in a new place be paid an allowance amounting to half of the subsistence minimum established in the region. Participants of the resettlement programme are granted the right of full use of the services of hospitals, kindergartens and employment services.

The starting point

The starting point for the beginning of the migration to the far East is the appeal to the regional body, regulating relations in the field of labor and employment (address can be found in the district administration). The labor Committee will need to fill out a form and provide copies of documents, confirming:
- citizenship (passport),
education (certificates and diplomas),
- professional skills (work book),
family relations (marriage certificate, birth certificates of children).

During the month, profile of the applicant will be considered and persons in case of a positive decision to choose 3-5 places of residence (and towns, and rural settlements), as well as the probable place of employment. Under the agreement immigrants will only have to pack up and collecting all receipts for items and documents, including travel, to arrive to a new place of residence.

Not only Russians, but also compatriots

Participants of such programs may well be as themselves citizens of Russia and foreign citizens who submitted the application and received the certificate of participants of the program of resettlement of compatriots living outside Russia. As a rule, citizens of the former Soviet Union, which appeared after the collapse of foreigners in Russia.

Compatriots, there is no need to go to Russia to receive the certificate of participation in the Program, they only need to contact the office of the Federal migration service of Russia in their home country or at the consular section. There future immigrants will be offered to fill the questionnaire, and will also issue a package of documents, which in the case of a positive decision from the immigration service will need to arrive in Russia.

In the future, the government of the Far East it is planned to develop activities related to subsidizing families programme of acquisition of own housing. The plans also include assistance in finding permanent work, integrated infrastructure development and economic complex, which may make the far East a desirable place of residence for many citizens.