Try not to postpone the procedure of removing the stains and remove it immediately, as dried the stain more difficult to remove than fresh.
Prepare thing. To do this, before removal spot clean the jacket with a dry brush from dust. In an inconspicuous place to check the impact of your cleaning products on the material. Remember to remove the contamination left a clear imprint, treat not only the stain but the area surrounding it. When working with a chemical stain removers be sure to ventilate the room. When you use cleaning solutions, use a cotton swab or a piece of white cloth. Apply the stain remover from the edges to the center, thereby preventing the spreading of stains.
For removing stains from grease, sprinkle with salt, gently RUB. Repeat the procedure several times, replacing the salt until the stain is gone. Try to wash out the remnants of stains with bar soap. Before washing fat stains sprinkle it with talc or chalk, cover with waxed paper and iron. At the remains of the stain , apply a solution made of 0.5 teaspoon of salt and 3 tablespoons of ammonia.
For removal of stains from oil paint, use a cotton swab moistened with acetone, turpentine or kerosene, then wipe with ammonia. If the stain on your jacket zastarela, moisten it with turpentine - it will soften the paint, which you can clean off the baking soda.
A fresh stain from berries or wine remove with boiling water. The damaged portion of the fabric pull over the dishes and fly through the spot of boiling water from the kettle until the complete disappearance. Be careful if you are dealing with a product with unstable color. Old spot, try to hold it over a container with boiling water or soak in hot milk, and then wipe with a solution of vinegar or lemon juice.