You will need
  • - drill;
  • diamond drill bit for glass;
  • copper tube of desired diameter;
  • - sand;
  • - diesel or petrol.
The first way to do this in a glass bottle hole - use the drill. Take the diamond drill bit of that diameter, what should be the hole. Wear protective eyewear and gloves - tiny fragments can injure eyes and hands. Secure the bottle in the vise. If they are not at home, ask your assistant to hold fast to the vessel. Do not forget to provide and means of protection. Lubricate the drill bit clean lubricating oil. Set the drill to the glass. Gently push and press the power button. Need one or two seconds to display the hole.
The second method is to make a hole in the vessel came to us from those times when the drills and hammers were the rare lucky ones. All the others made the holes in the glass using a copper tube full of sand. Take the metal guts of the desired diameter. Fill it with sand to about half. Moisten with the water bottle and the tip of the tube. Ask someone to help you and firmly hold the vessel while you work with it. Press the copper intestine to the surface of the bottle very tightly. Try to not depart from the vessel during the entire process. Rotate the tube, holding it between his palms until, until you see the hole. It usually takes from three to ten minutes.
The third way to make a hole in the bottle, neatly chipping the bottom of it. It is very important to observe safety precautions and wear thick gloves made of non-combustible material as it will have to deal with fire. In the room to carry out the procedure not only in the open air! Prepare a bucket of water. She must be cold. Wrap the vessel with a cloth dampened with petrol or diesel. Put it on the ground and ignite. Wait until the material is burned. Hands in glove quickly grab the bottle by the neck and dip it in the liquid. The bottom will fall off by itself.