Connecting the monitor to your laptop, you can not only display the image on larger screen, but also to extend the desktop, using the laptop display and the monitor screen. This is especially useful for designers, designers, as well as those who need to work simultaneously in multiple applications.
To connect a monitor you need to connect it to the mains and VGA cable to connect to the same connector on the notebook.
After you have connected the VGA cable, click the right mouse button on the desktop and select "Properties" or "Personalization". Go to "display Properties" or "graphics Options" and select one of the options for image output: "laptop", "monitor Only, Monitor, and laptop (backup image) or "Advanced screen".
Selecting the monitor as the output device and the image from the laptop will be transferred to the monitor. If you need the same image on the laptop and on the monitor, select the item "Monitor and notebook". If you need to extend your desktop, select the "Advanced screen".