You will need
    • • Ginger root
    • • A sharp knife
    • • Cutting Board
    • • A baking sheet
    • • Parchment or vellum
    • • Oven
    • • A blender or mortar
Choosing to store ginger root, pay attention to its appearance. The fresh root should be smooth and dense, with a fresh spicy aroma, ginger should not be wrinkled areas. Another useful feature is the size of the root. The longer it is, the richer in essential oils and trace elements.
How to dry ginger
If ginger root has quite a thick rind, before drying of the root, cut it off. It is easier to cut the skin along the root from base to edge. Branches from the root should be cut off and cleaned separately. Try to cut the peel as thin as possible, because it concentrated all the precious essential oils contained in the ginger. Very convenient to cut the root under cold running water, then will not be to tear your eyes from the selection of the essential oils of ginger.
Peeled ginger root
Peeled roots of ginger spread on a cutting Board and a sharp knife cut into thin petals.

A baking sheet or shallow pan covered with parchment paper or tracing paper. Top evenly petal from petal spread out the chopped ginger.
Sliced ginger root
Dried ginger should be in the oven first at a temperature not higher than 50C. The Cabinet door should be kept slightly ajar to get out the moisture from the ginger. In two hours the temperature can be increased to 70C. If your oven is equipped with heating, you can dry ginger in convection mode at a temperature up to 75C.

You should constantly check the degree of dried ginger. If it becomes brittle, it means that he already dried. Get the pan from the oven and allow ginger to cool completely at room temperature.
Dried ginger
Dried thus ginger can be folded into jars for spice storage, but may be crushed in a mortar or in a blender. It depends in what form you need it.
How to dry ginger