You will need
  • Ginger root peeler / spoon / wire brush.
Take the ginger root, wash it in cool water (hot water is undesirable for any vegetables and root crops). Then with a sharp knife carefully cut off all branches from the root. Small no longer useful,large branches do not throw away, clean them as well as the main part of the root, and use in the preparation of various dishes, tea etc.
The first version of clean ginger root - using will basecatalogname prepared ginger and top to bottom with a vegetable peeler, cut away its rind. With this method of cleansing ginger you can use a knife (it must be sharp). When using the knife to follow the cut thickness of the skin - it should not exceed a couple of millimeters, otherwise you will start to cut off the natural protective layer of the roots to help keep it essential oil.
The second option is to peel the ginger regular table lokoida this pre-washed and devoid of unnecessary branches of the ginger root pinch with the left hand. In the right take a tablespoon so that your thumb rested on its convex part. Next, firmly holding the spoon in his hand, begin to scrape the ginger, like you do with potatoes. In this embodiment, a purification, as in the previous, you can use a knife, but not sharp and with slight pressure.
Mention that you need to remove a thin layer of top skin, without affecting the usable part of the root.
Another opportunity to clean up ginger is to use a hard decouple most simple way ginger root will keep for a maximum of essential oils and thus of nutrients. Under running cool water, RUB the root with a small push brush. Peel a thin layer down from the root, leaving the desired part is almost unaffected.