You will need
  • - the kiwifruit;
  • - fridge
  • - clean paper bag or parchment paper;
  • - a banana.
Keep only fresh, unspoiled fruit. If an instance makes you distrust (stains, dents, etc.), put it separately.Ripe kiwi fruit is uniform in color, with a light tap of your finger should remain a small dent. The skin should not look wrinkled.
Ripe kiwifruits can be stored for 3-5 days at room temperature, but like any other fruit, they should be protected from the direct rays of the sun. Put them in a shaded, cool place.
If you plan to store the fruit longer than a week, put them in the fridge. Take a clean paper bag and carefully fold it a kiwi, from the top to put more ripe, soft fruit. Loosely wrap the package and place it into the box of fruit.Definitely once a day inspect - if a fruit is spoiled, dented or cracked, immediately remove it from the package with the fruit.
If not at hand was a paper bag - it is quite possible to replace paper food (e.g., baking). Wrap the bag too tightly, or kiwi fruit can bruise.Also storage is possible to use a perforated plastic bag.
Kiwi - an exotic for Russia, the fruit is subject to long distance transport. During the way the fruits are not spoiled, they are usually harvested a little bit immature. During transportation they are, in most cases ripen.But if you are "lucky" and you bought immature kiwi, put it in a bag where they will be stored banana or an Apple. So kiwi will quickly reach the desired condition.