A burning permit is tour sales period which comes to an end. And therefore, in order not to lose the entire cost of the tour, the tour operator reduces the price. The cost of these vouchers is sometimes even lower than cost.
For countries with a visa regime tours are starting to sell about one to two weeks before the trip, since time is needed for visa purposes. For visa-free countries this term is usually shortened to days, and sometimes up to hours.
It is clear that to buy last minute quite profitable. What you need to do to become a winner?
First, it is necessary to follow closely the proposals of travel agencies in order not to miss something interesting.
After you undecided, you must remember that since the term of sale burning stages is very short, on their reservation are imposed certain obligations. You must first make a request to the operator to reserve the hotel and airplane tickets or other form of transport on certain days.
Further, if the operator confirms that the booked tour, which means that you secured a place in the hotel and travel tickets, you must pay it in a short time. To cancel our reservation for your tour is no longer possible, otherwise, you will have to pay material damages in the amount of one hundred percent of the cost of the permit. Therefore, no serious travel company concludes the contract on the last minute over the phone without receiving payment from the customer.
When booking last minute, you need to remember that it is better not to delay the payment vouchers and the organization of the trip until the last day, because you simply may not have time to do all the necessary things. In search of vouchers apply only in well-known large firms and do not chase the cheapest purchase, otherwise you risk to fall into the hands of scams and stay and without rest, and without money.