You will need
  • water;
  • - glass vessel;
  • - salt (sodium chloride, copper sulphate or other);
  • - a thread;
  • pencil or other similar object.
To prepare a crystal of the selected salt. This will be our seed. You can use ordinary table salt NaCl, then get colorless crystals, but there are other salts that have a color. So, for example, of copper sulfate grow beautiful blue crystals. Tie him to the thread, the thread secure on the pencil (and pen, web, something else, etc.), so that when placing it on the edge of the glass crystal on a string hanging in the center of the glass.
Fill a glass jar with water. Add a bit of salt is selected. Stir to make sure all the salt has dissolved. Add some salt, also achieve its complete dissolution. Do this operation until, until salt ceases to dissolve, i.e., while on the bottom the banks will not precipitate from the salt crystals.
After that, you need to heat the resulting solution. To do this, place jar in warm water. Continue to stir. When the jar is heated, the residue dissolved in water.
For more reliability, get rid of the remnants of the precipitate by pouring the solution into a new jar.
Put a jar of solution in a quiet place with room temperature in which it will not be affected by external influences. You are now ready to be immersed in the solution of our crystal-seed. Do it. Fix the pencil at the edge of the banks. Cover the jar with a sheet of paper.
Now you need to wait. Once a week is recommended to update the solution according to the same scheme as described above. The rest of the jar with the solution must not touch.

After a while you will notice how your crystal growing in size.