Allow yourself control over your own voice. Perfect Studio with a microphone and a small echo that you will hear. The first two or three classes it will distract you, but later you will learn to keep a firm tone and Orient the height of singing the echo. If this is not possible, will fit the recorder. You will not be able to feel their flaws and hypocrisy, but when you listen everything will fall into place. And don't be afraid of his tone: usually do you hear yourself through bone, and the recorder and other people perceive your outside voice. So what you say and sing exactly as you hear in the recording.
Do the exercises of respiratory gymnastics. The most popular among vocalists – system Strelnikova, based on a sharp noisy breath through the nose and the passive, quiet exhalation through the nose or mouth. Do not try from the first lesson to cover all the exercises, take each day one at a time.
Sing solfeggio exercises. You will develop an ear for music, accurate intonation, gain freedom and power of voice. By the way, the power – sing in a loud voice, unashamedly yourself. Have fun with the process. In this sense, a useful collection of rooms for monophonic singing laduhina.