First you need to develop hearing. Often look, like the sound of some musical instruments and try to play these sounds with his own voice. Also you can try to portray the voices of the animals, or to imitate people. Listen to simple melodies, try to repeat music or voice nastukivat her fingers on the table.
If you want to learn to sing songs of famous performers, it is important to learn to compare your performance with the original. Record yourself on a tape recorder, a computer or a recorder, and then listen. This procedure is extremely unpleasant. Usually people are unhappy with their voice in the recording. However, it is to be patient. Try to understand where you went wrong, study those places that get the worst. Sing along with the performer, the professional track will "snap" you to the level of your idol.
It is very important to learn how to breathe correctly. Breathe the air of the nose, and to do it rapidly and actively. Exhalation is through the mouth, and need to exert the least possible effort, the air has to go very quiet and natural. On the exhale, the audience needs to hear your singing and not breathing. Learn to hold your breath. The simple exercise of its latency is Eight. You need to sharply inhale a breath (not too deep, that he stopped "in the back"), then slowly exhale, counting to eight out loud. Your task is to count how many of these "eights". With experience it is possible to count about 15 eights on a single exhalation.
Often listen to good songsthat you want to fulfill themselves. Even if you are on the people can't sing along listen carefully. Dive into music, try to remember the little things. In the moment when you start singing yourself, the brain will remember how it sounds in the original.