You will need
  • Net, trawl, lantern
Take a net for catching shrimp. It needs to be fairly large diameter (but not more than 0.7 m) and with long lasting handle. The rim of the net, attach a fishing net. The smaller the cell size, the more shrimp are caught in the net. A net you need to drive near covered with slime of the stones, along the walls of the pier or the ship. For illumination, use a flashlight.
Use the trawl. This device is a metal semi-circle or rectangle, to which is attached a three - or four-metre long bag of fine-meshed network. To the metal base of the trawl attached 4 long ropes, over which the trawl reaches the bottom. Trawl fishing conducted on the desolate coast, in the coastal area, heavily overgrown with algae. Go into the water waist-deep, walk along the shore and pull the trawl along on the bottom.
Find Zatoka — something like a small lake connected with the sea by a narrow Strait. Install the trawl in the Strait against the current. Typically, this method allows to catch a lot of shrimp for a short period of time, especially in the evening hours. The trawl is necessary to periodically reset depending on the change of tide.