You will need
  • Painkillers, lard, ice, propolis, garlic, onion, salt, dry herbs, essential oil.
Brush your teeth and carefully remove any pieces of food that could get into the cavity of the tooth and cause pain. Do not chew the pain of theNoah side. Take painkillers (analgin, aspirin, Nurofen, baralgin). During pregnancy and lactation is possible once the paracetamol.
If you didn't have the pills, follow the advice of traditional medicine. Attach a slice of bacon on paining place between the cheek and gums, hold it for 10-15 min. As an option, on the pain ofNoah tooth, you can try to put a piece of red beet or propolis (bee glue). For these purposes fit the pieces of ice. They need to be sucked and attach to the painNoah's cheek.
With the adhesive plaster or bandage secure on the hand in the wrist sliced clove of garlic. If the painNoah's tooth is on the right, hang the garlic on the left hand, and Vice versa. There is another similar method: the side where the tooth hurts, put in the ear root of plantain. To achieve the desired effect will take about an hour.
Prepare a herbal infusion one of the herbs of your choice: sage, mint, marigold, lemon balm. To do this, take a tablespoon of dry powdered herbs and pour a glass of boiling water. When the broth infusion, strain it and hold it in your mouth near paintion of the tooth. The frequency of such rinse – not less than 5 times within an hour.
If the tooth pain caused by a carious cavity, place it in a mixture of equal parts chopped onion, garlic and salt. On top of the cavity, close with a cotton swab.
Try to remove the pain with massage of the upper edge and the ear lobe on the same side as the paintion of the tooth. The duration of this massage should be 5-7 minutes. Another method of acupressure – intensive touch of the index finger on the hollow between the lips and nose. Hold your finger (or fingernail) at this point for about 10 seconds. Also to numb tooth pain helps massage the area between the second and third toes. The optimal duration of exposure is 5 minutes.