The first steps to get rid of toothache

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If the pain occurred during the meal, you should stop eating and brush your teeth. Well help rinse the mouth soda solution. Preferably in the solution add a few drops of iodine. Then the rinse would be much more efficient.

If possible, it should be applied to the affected area with cotton moistened with valocordin. It will quickly help to relieve pain.

Short-term effect of anesthesia will bring a piece of ice applied to the affected area.

Popular recipes from a toothache

зубная боль

The most famous folk remedy for tooth pain relief is the use of onions and garlic. For cooking you need to mash to pulp the onions and garlic in equal quantities and add a little salt. The resulting mixture is to be applied to the affected area and cover with a cotton pad.

There is also a means of one of garlic. You just need to RUB your wrist where you can feel the pulse garlic, and then fasten the slice at this place. The purpose of the procedure — to juice of the garlic have got on a zone pulse. And you need to handle asymmetric to pain the hand. That is, if a toothache on the right side, treated the left hand and Vice versa. Many talk about the effectiveness of this method of getting rid of toothache.

Propolis is very good for a toothache. Simply put a piece on the aching tooth. The beneficial properties of the bee products are known to almost everyone. And propolis not only numb, but also may begin treatment for certain diseases. But you should not use this method if you are allergic to honey.

Tincture of oregano will also help to numb the tooth. For rinsing the oral cavity need to mix water and oregano in a ratio of 10 to 1.

The root of plantain for 30 minutes can get rid of a painful toothache. Especially good this way if the pain caught somewhere in nature. To improve your condition, you need to take the root of plantain and put it in the ear on the side where the aching tooth.

Unconventional remedies for toothache

зубная боль

Aside from the patient's tooth, you can reduce the pain. This can be done with the help of positive emotions. Watching a good Comedy or read jokes, and just laugh with friends, you can feel like a toothache eased. By the way, will be useful not only positive emotions but also negative. And if you cause tears, the effect may even surprise you.

The massage of active points is also an effective way to get rid of toothache. 7 minute exposure at certain points and the pain will quickly subside. On ear is one of these points. For massage need to take your thumb and forefinger over the top part of the ear located on the side where the tooth hurts. Now you need to gently in a circular motion to massage this point.

In any case, these measures are urgent and at the first opportunity need to go to the dentist for proper treatment.