You will need
  • - analgesics;
  • soda;
  • - clove or mint oil;
  • - celandine;
  • Vata;
  • - ice;
  • toothpick.
The easiest way to get rid of sudden sharp tooth pain is to take painkillers. Minor pain will help paracetamol, dipyrone, or aspirin, if unbearable — "Nurofen" or "caution". However, the use of these funds can not be longer than 3-5 days, but better and not for more than a couple times.
With a toothpick clean the cavity (if any) from the remnants of food. If this does not resolve the pain permanently, then at least reduce its intensity. Can drip into the cavity of clove or peppermint oil, they will soothe the pain and will stop the spread of infection.
If you can not see a doctor in the day of an pain, take soda baths. Prepare a concentrated solution, adding a glass of water and a half teaspoons of baking soda. Rinse your mouth every hour. Pronounced monkeypainausim property has alcohol, so you can use to gargle with vodka or cognac. But don't forget to spit them after the procedure, especially if your plans include a visit to the dentist. Imbibed alcohol can reduce the effectiveness of anesthetic to be used during treatment.
If sharp tooth pain has caught you by surprise outside the city, use of natural resources. Helps juice of celandine mixed with water in proportion 1:1. They soak cotton, gently press it and attach to the aching tooth for 15 minutes. Since the plant is poisonous, it is advisable not to swallow the saliva, and spit.
Attach to the cheek side of the tooth ice wrapped in a towel. Keep it for 10-15 minutes. After the procedure you will feel a slight numbness of the cheek and gums. However the monkeypainreducing effect will remain no longer than 30 minutes.