The main difference tinting tools from hair dyes is that the toner does not penetrate deep into the hair, and envelops his only color film. Because of this, the hair does not get too dry and lose their strength. The effect of rendering lasts about two weeks, which allows you to change your way quite often.

How to choose a shade

The concealer palette is quite diverse. It includes both natural colors (blonde, brown, red, chestnut, chocolate) and fantasy (ruby, cherry, cream, eggplant, plum). Choosing a color, keep in mind that the shade may differ depending on the source natural. Read by a color gradient on the packaging.

On light hair you can apply a toner of any color, the color will turn bright and saturated. Brunettes should refrain from lightening the hair as a tonic. This tool is not designed for this.

A couple of months before the rendering procedure is not recommended to dye your hair with henna. Chemical reaction between components of the paint and a tonic may lead to unpredictable results.

How to use the tonic

Shampoo, then apply a mask or conditioner. Hold on his head for several minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water. This step is necessary in order to make the hair scales closed, and the toners did not get inside. Slightly dry hair, so they stay moist.

Apply toner, and distributed it throughout the length of the hair with a comb with thick teeth. At the expiration of the time specified in the instructions, rinse it. Rinse hair until the water is completely transparent. After applying the tonic is not necessary to use special products for colored hair. Besides, it can be applied again if the result was not as bright as you would like.

Toners fades gradually with each shampoo. However, there are situations when the result has disappointed so much that I want to get rid of it here and now. Don't worry, it's possible.

Rinse your hair with shampoo several times in a row. Apply along the entire length heated to room temperature kefir or burdock oil. Leave the mask on for 2-3 hours and rinse thoroughly with warm water. The pigment needs to go along with it. Also for washing toning means there are special tools that can be purchased in shops for hairdressers.