You will need
  • Any lightweight dressy fabric, fabric for padding and podobnik, decorations for dress, sewing supplies.
Make pattern. The dress has a round yoke, which plays the role of top as well as back and front halves of the dress. Both halves make flared. Remember about the small armholes. The wider the hemline, the better the tissue looks under the yoke. To compile the pattern to remove the child all the measurements and transfer them on millimetric tissue.
On fabrics with a lining and reinforcing sizing cutting a round yoke. Purl stitch and the front of the yoke, but not completely. This is necessary in order to make it easier to sew the hem to the yoke.
Cutting hem. It is better to do podobnikar to the dress was lush. Treat the first openings at the front and then the back.
Do the pleating on the top edge of the hem. This is done using the legs for Assembly. Place the top edge of the hem between the wrong and right sides of the yoke. Then stitch the hem with a yoke. When you sew the hem to the yoke, to see that the two sides were symmetrically sewn on. To do this, mark the yoke from the wrong side with tailor's chalk. Carefully mark the sides and the middle, and then re-astrocyte hem with a yoke.
Do the same with the second half of the yoke.
Sew the seams of the dress at the sides. Do it from the bottom of the hem and up to the armhole. Optional the hem of the dress can be decorated ruffles and flounces to sew beads, applique or beading. Also the dress can be decorated with beautiful embroidery. The girl would be happy to wear this dress, because it is sewn by hands of mothers, and therefore, imbued with warmth and love.