You will need
  • t-shirt of the child;
  • tracing;
  • chalk;
  • the belt;
  • dense fabric;
  • thin translucent tissue;
  • thread;
  • serger;
  • accessories for dress decoration;
Prepare the pattern of the bodice. To make the pattern of the bodice, we need t-shirt child sleeveless. First we need to define the waistline. Put it on the child a shirt and tie up belt. Mark the waistline small.

T-shirt, fold in half and press firmly on the tracing or graph paper. Draw first the front then the rear so you get the pattern of the bodice.
Transfer the pattern to the fabric. The front part of the bodice is better to make a solid. Clasp Princess gown is in the back, so the back of the bodice will have plenty of both. Transferring the pattern to the fabric, don't forget about seam – sides you need to add 1 cm waist – 3 cm.
Baste the front and back of the bodice at the side seams. The seam on the back, run to the middle. Try on the bodice seams up. Correct possible errors. Carefully remove the stocking and baste the zipper into the slit on the back. Prostrochite all the seams. The neck and sleeves sewn with bias binding and stitch. The bodice of the Princess ready.
For the bottom of the Princess dress it is advisable to take two fabrics of the same color, but different texture. The upper skirt is better to make a lightweight translucent fabric, and the bottom – from more dense. The double-ply nature will allow to obtain the desired volume.

The width of the cloth can be calculated by multiplying the width of the bodice by 4 (for petticoats), and 5 (top skirt). However, these figures are relative – the wider the fabric, the more magnificent the get skirt. Length is selected individually, but do not forget that the most effectively look at the dresses below the knee.

Sew the side sections – you should get "pipe". One end of this "pipe" negabarita in such a way that the circumference equal to the circumference of the bodice. Do this with both skirts.
Combine the two skirts and sew them at the waist. The obtained two-layer skirt pristrochite to the bodice. All seams should be treated with a serger.

Princess dress almost ready – just got to decorate it. For decoration you can use beads, sequins, rhinestones, lace and fabric flowers. If you decide to sew a Princess dress for Christmas ball, it will be appropriate decoration of fluffy "rain".