As a rule, parents teach child preschool alphabet, ability to read and pronounce letters. Some go further, teaching the child to put letters and words to read. But completely overlooked that the beloved child should be taught to write the letters with a ballpoint pen before school.
The times has changed too: previously, children were taught to write with a NIB-pens, and teachers Willy-nilly had to teach them the proper holding of such an instrument because of malfunctioning clutched in his fingers a fountain pen just didn't write or broke. Learning calligraphy has occupied the whole of primary school is 3 years.
With the advent of ballpoint pens training quickened as possible. In first grade students are distributed worksheets with examples of writing letters, under each of which is given in three lines. Assessment of first-graders is not put.
Of course, the child tries as quickly as possible to fill three lines, then to do their business. As a result, the pen he holds as a hit, writes the letters carelessly, and then fixed the incorrect skill of writing.
Later, when the lessons will need to write a lot, have a child quickly is tired, the working hand, and most likely, the letter will cause resentment. To be answerable, in any case, have parents, so take your time in learning to write before school.
First of all, show your child how to pinch in the fingers of the handle. Children learnt the wrong skill easy grip in the hand tool while drawing, hatching, writing letters to retrain then it is very difficult.
First pen is put a bend between the upper and middle phalanges of the middle finger, then top the handle is fixed with the pads of thumb and index finger. The distance from the tip of the writing instrument to the index finger about 2 cm Explain that holding the handle need easily, without stress. When writing brush rests on the little finger and moves it, the elbow remains stationary.
Look, it holds a writing instrument your child. Wrong skill can be identified by the following points: the child holds the handle "pinch" or in a fist. The pen is not on the middle and index finger. The thumb is on the handle below the index or perpendicular to it. Too high or too low clamped to the tip of the writing tool. The brush at the time of writing almost motionless, too weak or too strong pressure when writing.
To retrain in the following ways: place a marker point on the middle finger of the child in the place where should be the handle. They also draw the line on the handle, below which fingers of the child should not be placed. If brush child is too fixed, draw and paint with him a major figure on the album sheet. Make sure that the child did not turn the sheet in different directions: turn it should brush.
Develop fine motor skills. Sculpt letters out of clay, cut them with scissors, paper, make a test draw on the sand and snow, stack of twigs. Here you can see exactly which letters are worse than your child and help in their absorption.
As well develop pens construction paper crafts, pinching, compression, and rolling on the table with fingers small hard and soft balls or beads, drawing, coloring, and any other activities that require the capture of the object with your fingers.
Teaching writing experts advise to start to 4 years old: by this age the child already should be set correctly skill to hold a pen. Training should be daily, but not more than 20 minutes in one go.