You will need
  • license;
  • premises;
  • - hygienic certificate;
  • - permission from social services;
  • - beer recipe;
  • - equipment for brewing;
  • - packaging equipment;
  • - ingredients for beer production.
Select your area of business. Variants here are many. The most famous are the brewery and mini-brewery, shop draught or fresh beer, bar or pub, etc., Select the best business for your area. If it is already saturated competitive beer stores, why not organize your own brewery to offer customers something new?
Decide what kind of beer you produce. Some recipes, such as barley beer, English beer, Bavarian dark beer, and many others. They are all available for study online. Consider which species will use the greatest demand in your city or region, what is lacking in the current market.
Select the facility to conduct business and conclude an agreement on long-term lease with the owner. If your goal is to open luxury shop for the sale of beer, place it in the Central part of the city, on a busy street, near other prestigious retailers. Get necessary approvals from sanitary and epidemiological stations, housing Department, power company and fire control.
Pass the licensing. Imagine licensing authority in your place of residence, the documents, including the registration data for the individual entrepreneur, the codes of Rosstat, the list and the amount of sold goods, medical book and receipt of payment of the registration fee. Beer refers to excisable goods, therefore, is subject to tax amounting to 15% of income.
Get a health certificate for the products. Is responsible for the local sanitary-epidemiological supervision. The certificate is issued only on the basis of the examination, which shall prescribe the requirements for production and its use.
Select the method of packaging beer. Effective and inexpensive is considered to be sterilized in glass and plastic bottles or aluminum cans. For this you will need equipment such as a machine for bottling beer, an apparatus for sealing lids and labelling. You can also release the beverage in a convenient sealed barrels called kegs. They are made of wood or food-grade plastic and have leak-proof lid with valve and tap. This is a more expensive method of packaging, but also profit from the sale of such goods is much higher.
Purchase from wholesale suppliers for necessary equipment. If you are planning to brew beer, you will need the technological capacity and the capacity for primary fermentation, laboratory equipment and the transfusion systems. This is enough to run a small brewery. Purchase raw materials for beer production. This includes: malt, hops, purified water and yeast.
Think of the name of the beer and the label design that are a distinctive feature of this drink and help people to learn it from other similar products. The title should reflect the characteristics of your beer (light or dark, filtered or unfiltered) and be as close as possible to the target audience (e.g., "Folk", "Russian", "old Church Slavonic", etc.). You can apply your own imagination or refer to specialists in the field of branding.
Begin to implement beer. Your target audience will be small cafes and bars as well as shops and supermarkets. In the case of the opening of the beer store to sell the goods need to be directly to visitors. Effective advertising course will be to organize free tasting of a drink or even a small beer festival.