You will need
  • actually knife, liquid for degreasing the surface of the knife (gasoline, alcohol, Cologne), the pattern for applying the blade of a knife, duct tape, a sharp knife or scalpel, the power supply 5...12 volt, a nail with a wound on the hat with cotton wool, saline solution (one teaspoon per 50 grams. water).
The pattern on the knife blade can be applied using electro-chemical engraving. This is a simple way to draw labels on all metals and alloys without the use of complex chemicals. It is based on the principle of electro-mechanical metal etching. However, this method is not suitable for silver and lead. Get to work.
Figure. Think about what picture will be put on the knife blade. Can engrave Chinese character or a whole word.
Preparation of the blade. The surface of the blade must be degreased, as this depends directly on the quality of the applied pattern. Degrease the surface of any of the available liquid: gasoline, alcohol or Cologne.
Pre-patterning. Stick the blade in the right place a piece of Scotch tape. Apply a sharp knife or scalpel to the tape drawing, trying not to damage the tape.
Etching of the metal. At this point, you will need a power supply, you can use the charger from a mobile phone. Prepare a saline solution. Then proceed to the electrochemical cleaning of the metal surface. Connect "+" to the knife, and "-" to nail with a cotton hat, it will replace the electrode. Then turn on the power supply, dip the electrode in the salt solution and move it over the surface of the drawing. This procedure repeat 2-3 times for best results.
Then change the cotton head of the nail to clean and adjust the polarity of the power supply: the "+" electrode, and "-"to the knife. Dip the electrode in the saline solution and start to display the picture that will appear in the eyes. To achieve the greatest effect, repeat the procedure 2-3 times.
The end of work. Peel off the tape from the knife and remove the sticky traces. The engraving on the knife blade ready.