Most often in cooking liver cooked in stew form.
To do this, take 500 grams of the liver birds (beef, pork), sour cream 15% fat – 100 grams, 2 onions, sea salt (or table), black and red pepper, vegetable oil, skim milk 300 ml.
The liver should be thoroughly washed under running cold water, remove the membranes and put on a night in milk. Thus, the byproduct will be much softer, softer and will lose its inherent bitterness.
The next day remove liver from milk, Pat dry with paper towel and cut into long slices. It is best if they are the same size.
Then vegetable oil should be heated in a frying pan. Onions cut into rings and put in pan, season with salt. When the onions become soft and slightly Golden, add the liver and sear on all sides until light brown. Immediately after that, add sour cream and simmer another minute.
The finished dish pepper, spread on a flat wide dish, decorate as desired with herbs and fresh vegetables.
When cooking, note that the speed of cooking depends on the kind of the liver. If the liver beef or pork, then braise it should be for two or three minutes longer than the bird. The liver birds cook faster dish you can cook actually for a couple of minutes.
The liver, soaked in milk, retains all the useful and nutritional properties, without losing flavor. It is necessary to clearly establish the time interval and prepare meals from the liver no more than five minutes.