You will need
  • the facility, equipment, design project, business plan, marketing plan, staff
Choose a room with the necessary facilities. For cooking need technological equipment that consumes a lot of electricity. Therefore, the room in which there are restrictions, it will not work. But it is possible to reduce the consumption, if you choose heat equipment running on gas. In this case, it is necessary to adopt the so-called "gas project".
Make a assortment of products, by breaking it into categories: the semi-raw products; semifinished products of thermally processed foods, etc., as well as sub-categories according to the raw material from which they are produced. If open cooking is going to make pastry, make a list for him. Depends on the specification of the production and sales of equipment necessary for cooking.
Analyze do you have enough space for the intended range. Invite designer for the production. Typically, design services gratuitously provided by the supplier of the equipment. But when we turn to such a firm, you should have an initial vision of what I would like to get in the end what kind of result to come. Employees of the company will help with the technical side of the implementation of the plan.
Arrange showroom in accordance with the concept of cooking. That trade went well, it must be user-friendly for buyers. Parallel to the practice of the formulation of food products. To do this you need technologist.
Approach to recruitment very seriously. Do not try to hire candidates that cause you only a foreign sympathy. Intuition is good, but the recruiting is much better to rely on specialized education, prove experience and the positive characteristics of the applicant. One should not ignore his social status, Hobbies, personal qualities. The person who is constantly striving for new knowledge, genuinely interested in the topic in which it operates, able to achieve goals and results - that's who you need to start cooking.