Meat is extensively used in cooking as fried, stewed and boiled and used for preparation of cold snacks. It also manufactured the first, second dishes, sausage, canned food and other delicious edibles.

Meat distinguish such types of pork, beef, lamb, veal, and meat rabbits. Beef used for frying, boiling and stewing; pork often fried and stewed. Lamb is also used as beef. Rabbit meat like poultry meat, is tender, white and sweet taste, it is used for frying and stewing.

The basis of culinary heat treatment includes two methods: wet (boiled) or dry (fried) heatings.

If wet method is used for meat products cooking method – cooking in most of the water – main; in a small amount of water – propuskanii; cooking under pressure – used in the digestion of the bones, stewing is Browning meat and then pripuskayut with seasonings.

Cooking time is determined from the composition of the meat product, size of pieces, temperature mode of cooking. Not allowed strong boiling liquid, thus rather diminishing the weight of the piece, the meat is dry, hard and fibrous. Cook meat over low heat without boil at a temperature not greater than 95 ? C.

Usually sprinted cutlet product or chops of veal or pork meat. This method is widely popular in the diet, in particular for products of cutlet of meat. At the presentation of the dishes stewed meats seasoned with sauces, most often white with the addition of eggs or tarragon, and milk. For the garnish will suit boiled or steamed vegetables. Also on the meat product can be put stewed mushrooms and a slice of lemon.

In the dry heat meat roasted on an open surface with a small addition of fat at a temperature of not more than one hundred and eighty degrees, when roasting a large number of fat not less than two hundred degrees.

Boiled meats served with various sauces, vegetables, cereals, or pasta side dishes. Vegetables can be served fried, boiled, stewed and poached, and in some cases fresh, salted or pickled (cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce).

When serving hot cooked meat pour broth and sauces. Beef pour cream sauce with horseradish; lamb-and-white or milk; pork in red.