You will need
  • trading point;
  • equipment;
  • money.
  • - permission.
Get approval of sanitary-epidemiological service on the sale of kebabs and other food products. To obtain this document, you must provide proof that you have a refrigerator, certificates for food, sanitary books of the personnel. In addition, SES will impose certain requirements on most stores, coals, skewers. To open a full-fledged barbecue also non-smokers.
Pick a place for your skewers. It depends on a large percentage of success. Traditional popular roadside points on major roads. A good income can bring temporary summer cafe. In addition, you can open a stationary barbecue in a suburban area that will be popular at any time of the year. If there is already a similar point with barbecuemi, it should not be an obstacle to start a business, because you can always find your own competitive advantage.
Purchase the necessary equipment for cooking barbecue and related equipment. Depending on your type of barbecue determine whether or not you have disposable tableware or it is appropriate to focus on reusable. In the latter case, you will need a dishwasher.
Find a supplier of meat. You can purchase products in specialized sales points (markets, stores). However to save on price due to the contract with a farm or a private provider. Of course, purchased this way, the meat must pass sanitary control. Find the most interesting way of marinating the meat and grilling the skewers. Today, there are many recipes, and the best of them will allow you to cook the meat tastier. Excellent quality barbecue will allow you to gradually earn a permanent clientele.
Think carefully about the range. Start directly from the menu of kebabs. The main percentage of the take for a traditional shashlik from pork salmon and cervix. Gradually introduce a range of less common varieties: veal, lamb, ribs, tongue, kebab, chicken, fish skewers. It is possible that customers will have to taste some of these varieties, and he will be branded for your barbecue.
Enter related products. First of all, this beer and other drinks. For stationary cafe it is advisable to offer a good selection of Beers, with an emphasis on live grades. In addition, the kebab shop will be popular and other food that traditionally accompanies a spontaneous feast: dry snacks, and fish, juices, sweets for children, side dishes.