Based layout you can take a large sheet of plywood. On the edges arranged the fence. The fence is made from paper tubes. The sheet is covered with green oil paint. The effect of grass. Next you need to deal with the designation of the areas. Most often there are two areas – the garden and the house itself. Lines stands the route of the ecological path. The path on the layout need to make bright and noticeable. For notation there are several ways. For example, you can stick to the "grass" strips of a color cardboard or adhesive tape. Also well suited self-adhesive labels for price tags. Additionally, you can select multiple objects for surveillance. You can do trees, bushes, poles. The data points can be described bright green circles.
The house itself must be done from a cardboard box. Next, it needs to be pasted with white paper. With a pencil the intended window. Blinds are made from wrapping paper. This would be the best wrappers. In order to glue the curtains it is necessary to stock up on PVA glue. Glass house made from transparent mica. They can also be sealed with transparent tape. Doors are usually made from brown cardboard. Then they stick to the house. Gold candy foil is made door handles.
You can continue to work making trees. For this made templates that reflect the characteristics of each type of wood. Of white cardboard cut to the necessary details. On one tree you will need three pieces of white cardboard. Then you need to paint them green. The color can be changed. You can also choose the color for individual tree species.