Fried onions serves not only as a dressing for soups and main dishes. It can act as a separate side dish.

How to prepare the onions for frying?

Onion peel and cut into circles, then each circle with the fingers separated into rings. This operation is quite simple. However, sometimes the onion slips out from under the knife or hands. Therefore it is advisable when cleaning the bulbs to leave her ponytail, so to hold it when cutting will be much easier.

Another inconvenience in the work is a strong influence of volatile substances that cause tears. This can be avoided by pre-soaking the blade of a knife with cold water.

How to fry onions?

Pan put on fire and within a couple of minutes to warm up. It is filled with oil to the level of full closure of the bottom. Into the hot oil and omit the sliced onions and fry, stirring gently. Ready the onion becomes translucent or pale Golden, exudes a pleasant aroma.

The French taught the world tasty fry onions in another recipe. They cut the vegetables thick circles, disassemble the rings and placed for half an hour in milk. At the end of this each onion ring is dipped in flour mixed with salt, fry in well-heated oil. The bow in this case possesses a subtle aroma, tender flesh and pleasant taste.

The piquancy of the onion rings give such spices as thyme, rosemary, pepper. They are added at the very end of cooking.

For Indonesians to properly fry onions means to use in its preparation of roasted peanuts, chili and lime.

There is one more interesting recipe. Onion rings sprinkled with lemon juice, dipped in batter, which is a mixture of salt, whipped cream, eggs, warm water and flour. Then fry until Golden brown.

What you choose the method of cooking onions, this dish will decorate the table.