The easiest way to sew a duvet cover, if the hole for the blankets he is on the side, since the processing of the holes on the top rather time-consuming for not very experienced seamstresses.

What fabric to use for sewing a blanket cover?

Choose a crisp cotton fabric, flax. If in doubt, check with the seller fabrics, they usually have sufficient information about your product to give qualified advice. Moreover, very often they can give advice based on my own experience of sewing and the work of experienced seamstresses.

How to calculate how much fabric is need to the easiest duvet cover?

Measure the quilt that you sew the duvet cover. Length and width must be added about 4 cm on each side for seams. We also advise you to check with the store, sit down your chosen fabric after washing. If the answer is positive, I personally choose a different fabric.

When choosing fabrics please note that its width was not less than the width of the quilt + 8 see In this case you will need to purchase the amount of fabric that is equal to two lengths of the blanket + about 8 (10) cm.

Cutting and sewing a duvet cover

Actually a special cut of the duvet cover is not required, since a simple duvet cover - usual bag.

Fold bought the fabric facing outwards, if necessary, cut the excess fabric.

An example of the calculation and cutting of duvet cover:

Как сшить пододеяльник своими руками

Sew the product on each side on the sewing machine, leaving about 35-50 cm Remove the product and sew with the wrong side again the same seams. Hole panel with bias binding, or just with tucked edge twice (also, instead of the processing of the edge can be sewed into the zipper hole). The duvet cover is ready.

Optional duvet cover adorn with embroidery, applique, beautiful braid, or just choose a bright patterned fabric, which will not require additional decoration.

Please note that the above method can be used to sew a duvet cover for a Comforter of any size (for children and for adults).