You will need
  • yarn 500-600 g;
  • - spokes № 2,5;
  • hook № 2,5-3;
  • - narrow satin ribbon.
To tie a blanket for a child, you can use yarn of any texture. However, the choice of thread is better to consider some nuances. You should not take the mohair, as despite the fact that it's a very warm and beautiful product, the long fibers can cause irritation of the skin of the child.
In selling a huge range of cheap synthetic yarn, however, it is important to remember that quilt from threads like this texture will accumulate static electricity, which may subsequently have a negative impact on the health of the child. If it is assumed that the product will be used infrequently, it is possible to apply for buklirovannye knitting yarn or thread to "Grass". Their three-dimensional structure will help to conceal any minor flaws that may appear, for example, needlewoman.
The ideal option is a cotton yarn (for summer version), and wool or wool blend yarn. Of course, the overall cost of the product will increase, but it perfectly combines all the hygienic and functional qualities: breathability, hygroscopicity, thermal protection.
Before you begin, be sure to link the sample of the selected thread. Dial on the spokes 20 loops and provarite 20 rows, then close the row. Wash the resulting piece (correctly pick up Laundry detergent), and then smooth it on a flat surface, pin the needles to a soft base and blot dry. Then measure with a ruler the length and width of the sample and calculate the number of stitches for the selected size quilt.
For example, a sample turned with a width of 10 cm, therefore for knitting blankets size 100x100 cm dial 200 stitches on circular needles № 2,5. Knit binding "thread waste" according to the scheme: *1 front loop, 1 loop purl*. Next row continue knitting not the pattern, and the opposite loops. That is, the front loop now provarite purl, and purl – front. This will give small bumps that will lend some bulk. Thus, proverite the number of rows, which turned out to calculate the sample, then close the loop of the last row.
To frame the quilt (especially the edges of knitted products could spin off), use the hook. Tie it around the perimeter of a simple stacked 2-4 times. For added decoration, make the scallops or small loops (5 loops, 1 easy column using 3 loops of the previous row). Optionally, the perimeter of the baby blanket you can sew bows of satin ribbons, matching color with the main tone of the product.