Ropes are used both in agriculture and in manufacturing. In appearance the material ropes are made of natural fibers, synthetic fibers and steel. Ropes made of natural fibers are made not only from cotton but from hemp, jute, flax, sisal. Such ropes are very strong, not only breaking, but also natural, resistant to sunlight and temperature extremes. Therefore, their use in fishing, decorating the interiors, in the construction.
For making a simple rope in the home will need a small bench vise, cotton fibers (can use regular thread), a few large nails, a hand drill.
Fix the plumbing in the grip of a large nail.
Tie it on the end of the thread. Measure the desired length of the thread, transferring them through the fixed nail.
The opposite end of the bundle of threads fasten on another nail. Strengthen the nail in the head of a drill. Rotating the handle of the drill, spin a bundle of filaments to the right. Try to turn the handle of the drill as evenly as possible. Depends on the quality of your rope.
The resulting strand fasten with the two sides of the windings of the filament, set aside. Make the same way several strands. Tie the strands into a bundle, secure them to the nail in the bench press. The other end of the beam again attach the nail into the drill.
Now, rotate the drill so that your rope is twisted to the left. This is done to ensure that it is not untwisted. Secure the ends of the rope rope or bundle of threads.