You will need
  • Cut natural or synthetic leather
  • Glue
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Handle for lashes
  • Pins
Prepare cut four leather lashes. They should be of a width of 5-10 mm. the thicker leather band, it will be harder to weave in the whip. You can take eight thinner pieces of leather.
If you want your whip tapers towards the end, cut away part of the leather strips on the diagonal. If you make a slice from the beginning of the segment, reducing the diameter of the lashes will be gradual. If you cut from the middle or towards the end, the lashes will be more noticeable transition from the wide part to the narrow.
Attach the strip on any convenient horizontal bar. For example, this can be the back of the chair. If you cut in the previous step part of the width of the strips, secure them with wider side. Fasten them with safety pins. Smooth leather strips and begin to braid. Take the rightmost strip and move it in the middle between the two inner bands. Then take the leftmost lane and also position it between lanes in the middle. Continue to braid the whip, enduring extreme pieces of skin in the center. In that case, if you made eight strips of leather, combine them together on two. Do not twist between paired segments. Imagine that every pair stripes are one whole strip. Braid them together, as well as four segments. If you do lash of the eight parts, it will look more complex and interesting.
After you weave the entire lash, you will need to fix its end. To do this, take a needle and thread and make several stitches through the ends of the strips. To hide threads, cut a small piece of leather and wrap them with the end of the lashes. Stick it with a quality glue.
Remove the opposite ends of strips of skin with the bar. Sew the ends together and using yarn. Take pre-cooked handle for the lashes. Lubricate the loose ends of the lashes with glue and tightly wrap the glued side of the handle. Clamp in a vise or press with the press arm to complete adhesion with the skin. After the glue is dry, you can decorate the handle and leather strips with satin ribbon or other leather belts.